People run on treadmills in Miami. In recent years, the wellness trend has taken off at sea on cruise ships. New cruise line Blue World Voyages plans to cater specifically to active travelers. José A. Iglesias

Elissa Garay, CNN

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Blue World Voyages to launch as new wellness cruise line

For fitness diehards, your ship has come in: The wellness-dedicated cruise line Blue World Voyages is readying to launch. 

Devoted to fit and active lifestyles, the line— led by Miami-based fitness professional and entrepreneur Gene Meehan — is gearing up to acquire three 350-passenger ships over the next five years, offering voyages with all on-board programming, cuisine and excursions designed with the line's sports/wellness/health ethos in mind. 

For instance, guests might sign up for cross-training, cycling or meditation excursions ashore; get a treatment at the palatial on-board spa; or take a dip in the ship's retractable lap pool. 

Excerpt from CNN Travel