Eco-Friendly - sea turtle swimming among coral

Blue World. Green Ship.

At Blue World, we operate by the principles of sustainable tourism. There are lots of examples. Some big, some small. Some obvious, some less so.

As you might expect, we enforce a “nothing overboard” policy — all waste is sorted and incinerated onboard, recycled, or carefully disposed of on shore. Less obvious, we give every passenger refillable water bottles, and purified water refill stations are located throughout our ship.

We aren’t only concerned with what we drink, but also what we eat. Sustainable fish on board, plus organic produce, meats, and poultry. And there are many other things we do to make Blue World Green.

Like ensuring our onboard environmental officers provide up-to-date training to all crew to oversee shipboard compliance with environmental requirements. Including tasks as simple as exclusively using environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Lastly, and one of the things we're most proud of, Blue World is a member of the International SeaKeepers Society. So don’t be surprised if you meet ocean scientists on-board doing research… they will be happy to let you help.