What do I get if I become a “Founders Club” member?

You’ll get a cabin upgrade if it’s available, plus discounts on on-board spending and special pricing on future cruises. And every time you sail with us, you’ll be invited to a private “Founders Club” cocktail party.  

Why is my Founders Club Number important? 

We are inviting 2,000 passengers into our Founders Club.  The more you invest, and the sooner you invest determines your Founders Club number.  The lower your number, the easier it will be to get upgrades and other benefits. We will work out a system that is fair to all members, but we need to start somewhere.  


Where will the ship be sailing?

To qualify, an area has to have great hiking, great cycling,  water sports, and world-class golf, as well as unique cultural and educational opportunities. Our ability to explore small ports, and our exclusive focus on sports, adventure, wellness and extraordinary destinations makes us a perfect match for Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru and of course the Mediterranean.  But we would like to hear from you!  Another way Blue World differentiates itself from the one-size-fits-all cruise lines — we want our passengers to have a say in what we do and where we go. But please don’t say “South Pole.” 

Do you have cabins for singles? 

We have some cabins for singles, but not many. So the earlier you reserve the better!  

Is this a good cruise for kids? 

This depends on their age. We do not recommend Blue World for young children (under 16). There are plenty of cruises from other lines that have great amenities for kids. If over 16, and if your children are active, yes, it’s a perfect way for them to see the world.

What will a cruise cost?

A 7-day cruise in the Mediterranean in one of our standard suites will cost approximately $3,325 per person, plus port taxes.  (Airfare, not included.)  


What is included?

Each passenger receives an on-board credit based on your cabin category. If you are staying in a standard suite, you receive a $250 credit towards on-board expenses. All tipping is included in the price of your cabin. Beer and wine are served free of charge at both lunch and dinner, however extra fees are charged for non-house brands. 

Do I have to bring my own sports equipment?

All of our sports equipment is supplied by our sponsors and we only pick the best brands. But if you really, really like your bike or your clubs, or your favorite snorkel, and if you feel like carrying it through the airport – knock yourself out! But we do suggest you bring rain gear. We are a non-wimpy all weather ship. Most of our activities take place rain or shine! 

Are excursions included?

Some excursions are included like hiking and some cycling tours. Other excursions we will need to charge for but will do our best to keep our charges as reasonable as possible. Blue World is a gouge-free price zone.   

What are “Signature Events”?

On every cruise, we offer two or three special events that are included in the price of your cabin. These are once in a lifetime opportunities that we develop to make sure you remember your cruise forever.