Gene Meehan

Founder and Chairman, Blue World Voyages
Health, fitness and spa entrepreneur. Competitive rower, climber and golfer.

A successful entrepreneur and start-up founder, Gene Meehan leads the development and execution of the Company’s long term strategy, with attention to building value and delivering on the brand promise. Gene’s 30+ years of experience as owner/operator of multiple health and wellness facilities, from multi-sport clubs and boutique gyms to resort spas, includes project funding of up to $50M. Before launching Blue World Voyages, Gene founded and was president of the Downtown Athletic Club, the largest commercial health club serving executives in the Downtown Miami market. His company, Miami Health & Fitness, owned and operated the health club, with Gene designing and supervising a $1.6M, two-year renovation of this facility. With his dedication to sports and wellness, leadership skills and proven ability to generate million-dollar revenue streams, Gene is leveraging his expertise to create a new direction in cruising that integrates sports, fitness, spa and wellness with ocean travel.