The moment you step on board you realize it’s not like any cruise ship you’ve ever encountered. No complimentary umbrella drink. No activity board showing when bingo ends and karaoke begins. No origami dolphin-shaped napkins. And no casino coupons. Even better, no casino. 

Welcome to the world of Blue World:

  • Healthy, fresh, locally-sourced food (whenever possible, and we make sure it’s usually possible).
  • The country’s leading functional training and strength conditioning facility, along with a nationally-recognized sports medicine clinic.
  • Start-of-the-art yoga, spinning, TRX studios.
  • A highly acclaimed, full-featured luxury spa - the largest (per passenger) afloat.
  • Indoor basketball court.
  • Hi-def golf simulators and pro-inspired batting cages.
  • A “sea lap pool” that, complete with cabanas, allows passengers to do their laps and drink their fruit smoothies right on the ocean.
  • An extensive food-pairing wine lounge, for those who don’t want fruit smoothies 24/7. 
  • And a sumptuous, eco-friendly suite, provided for all aboard. And there are only 350 aboard, all of whom share your values: Stay active, be healthy, have fun. Lots of fun.